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• Hair transplant is not only meant for male and female pattern of hair loss/baldness.
• Hair transplant is also recommended incase burn, accident and scars due to the effect of certain skin diseases etc(affecting the hair bearing areas of our body which are normally exposed like scalp, eyebrows, beard, moustache, side-locks)
• Scar is the natural process of wound healing in which sweat glands, hair follicles do not generate because scar is a fibrous tissue.
• Scar on the exposed hair bearing area has great impact on the cosmetic appearance of a person.
• Even if the patient undergoes treatment for reduction of the scar, the scar contour and texture may be reduced to some extent.
• But the regenerative capacity of hair follicles is damaged due to uneven fibrosis of scar tissue.
• So, the proper assessment of the scar area should be done to estimate the number of hair grafts required to camouflage the area.
• In case of extensive scar injuries in front part of the scalp and if the donor area is intact we may go for FUT(follicular unit transplant).
• But if the area of scar is lesser we go for FUE(follicular unit extraction).
• Second sitting may be required to fulfill the desired result.
• If the donor area is weaker than the requirement, we can go for the option of bio hair implants which gives proper results too.
• Consult us for proper treatment modality.

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