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Hair is the dead tissue same as that of nails.But only the hair shaft is dead but not the root and inner medulla. 90% of people in their day to day suffer from hair loss.People shed 50-100 hair a day which is quite natural. But In some cases the hair fall is more than then normal shedding rate.There are different cases of hair loss which would be diagnosed in a proper way

Hair loss in due to many factors such as :-

  • * Hormonal imbalance
  • * Harmful radiations
  • * Excessive sun light exposure
  • * Taking bath in sea water and swimming pools etc
  • * Low hemoglobin content In blood
  • * Chemotherapy
  • * Higher antibiotics
  • * Genetic predisposition
  • * Regular usage of caps and helmets
  • * Dandruff
  • * Scalp and Skin infections etc.,

So we provide proper and suitable hair treatment after doing your hair analysis. After hair analysis we prescribe certain hair and skin friendly shampoos, sprays, conditioners, hair care diet, hair fall precautionary measures and essential hair multivitamins and low level laser therapy combined with protein and antioxidant injections for hair and skin protection. We also keep a monthly follow up either through phone or email. If required you can visit our clinic again after one month for your scalp and hair analysis.

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