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HAIR HARMONY AND YOU is conceptualized by DR.SHAKTI RAJ JAMMULA, who is a MBBS doctor from Hi-tech medical college and hospital, BBSR under Utkal University(Orissa). He is a renowned doctor is a member in "ASHRS". With good hands-on experience in the field of hair transplantation, hair implants and other aesthetic surgeries, he started his own venture in the form of Hair Harmony and You. He also co-owns a 60 bed hospital in the city of Berhampur (Orissa) since the last 18 years, with his family.


HHY is proud to be one of the most advanced hair restoration centers of India that provides assured result oriented hair treatments. HHY consists of a team of doctors and technicians who are renowned all over India in the hair transplant field. The team of expert surgeons will carry out hair transplantation, Laser Follicular Unit Transplantation, S.A.F.E. FUE NEO Graft Techniques, Scalp Micro Pigmentation, etc. with high level of precision and expertise. HHY team aims to leave you satisfied with their range of treatments.

HHY is not known to give false promises like re-creation of new hair by stem cells. They undertake detailed patient consultations and provide them with the best option available that will cater to their requirements. People from the entire country know our name and trust with their hair related problems. HHY has completed 500+ successful treatments that have given the best possible visible result.

The primary motto of HHY is to deliver results, which will automatically make the patients happy since everyone deserves to be happy at the end of the day. HHY is equipped with all possible modern techniques that an implantation demands to give natural-looking artistic hair line. HHY always gives quality hair transplantations to all its patients. Free of cost hair consultation is also offered by Hair Harmony and You to all its patients.

Hair Harmony and You also has specialized design treatments. Hair fall due to thyroid or any other hormonal changes and/or medicinal treatment is also addressed at HHY. When you contact us, we ensure that you leave all your problems behind with us, for which we find the appropriate fool-proof solutions. HHY has skilled professionals who ensure lesser damage % of hair grafts during hair transplantation. Internationally renowned doctors and surgeons are available at Hair Harmony and You to ensure quality service to their patients.

We also provide for pre & post hair care service to all our HAIR TRANSPLANT PATIENTS. Other services include providing laser hair growth and PRP growth factor to the patients and the best follow-up post hair transplant until 6 months. Our clinic ensures lesser damage % of hair grafts during hair transplantation procedures. Our follow up services post a hair transplant extends till 6 months after the surgery.

Hair Harmony and You predicts a dramatic change in the field of treatment of hair related problems since it has introduced much safer and automated procedure called FUE, which is a 1st in India. In HHY, you can get relatively higher density of hair restoration and all this is done under one single roof. HHY also offers for safe bio-hair implants that are very skin and scalp friendly. Hence, you do not need to worry about having a proper donor area. HHY introduces a much cheaper and more economical hair transplantation, which can be chosen by anyone.

So, if you are looking for the best possible hair result in a painless and affordable manner, do drop by our clinic or visit our website to book an appointment because in Hair Harmony and you, your hair health is our responsibility.

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