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Low Level Laser Hair Therapy Or Laser Hair Therapy Treatments (Lllt), Is A Revolutionary Non-Surgical Technique Which Is An Advanced Breakthrough For Both Men And Women Suffering From Different Types Of Hair Loss.

  • * So, Now This Treatment Helps Them To Achieve Healthier, Thicker, Fuller, Natural Hair Look.
  • * This Low Level Lasers Are Very Soft Lasers Which Are Often Referred To As Cool Lasers Which Do Not Have The Thermal Component Which Is Used In Surgeries.
  • * These Low Level Lasers Deliver Soft Light Energy Directly Into The Scalp.
  • * Mainly, This Therapy Is Useful For Increasing Hair Volume, Texture Of The Hair Shaft And In Turn Increases The Hair Life.
  • * This Treatment Was First Introduced By Prof. Andre Mester( 1964) In Which He Experimented In The Cut Wounds Of Mice And Saw Rapid Healing Due To Neo-Vascularisation.
  • * Today There Is Increasing Awareness And Acceptance Of Such Treatments.
  • * The opposite end of the incision is then brought to the edge of the ledge & wound is then sutured by continuous type.
  • * Laser Assisted Neo Graft Technique Is Advanced Technique & The Micro & Mini Punch Grafting Is Now Obsulate.
  • * Lant Is Implicated In Both Male & Female Baldness.
Benefits Of Low Level Laser Therapy (Lllt):-
  • * Increases Blood Supply Into The Scalp 60-70% From The Very First Treatment.
  • * Stimulates Inactive Hair Follicles.
  • * Stops Further Progression Of The Hair Loss In 70-80% Patients.
  • * It Increases The Tensile Strength Of The Hair Shaft.
  • * Helps In Providing Fuller, Thicker, Softer, Shinny Hair.
  • * Increases The Healing Process In Post Transplant Surgeries Like Fut And Fue.

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