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Body hair transplant is a revolutionary hair transplant procedure in which if the patient has no donor area, weak donor area or not willing to undergo FUE or FUT procedure so this is the best option he can go for. So BHT usually involve body hair extraction, harvesting and then implantation. Normally body hair is extracted from bearded, chest, axilla and pubic area or from other hair bearing body parts . BHT involves 0.1% bleeding and 99.99% low and minimal scars

Body hair extraction is done under local anesthesia even if this is a day care procedure involves lot of time and skills. In this procedure we can get unlimited hair for transplantation.

This can only be done by skilled and welled trained professionals. Once this hair implanted over the scalp it grows same as the scalp hair because the hair implanted always grows according the nature of surrounding hair but not that of the type of hair. As BHT is a time taken procedure 2-3 technicians should extract grafts at the very same time. BHT is bit expensive than any other procedure like FUT, FUE etc. Result vary from person to person

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