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Hair Loss Causes and Treatment

Hair loss has become one of the most common problems nowadays, which was earlier known to affect mostly men, but now even women are being affected it by too. This trend is observed mainly in big cities and tier 2 cities as well where the stressful lifestyle is gradually spreading from bigger cities. The increased competition, leading to stress and other lifestyle disorders has spawned into a multitude of issues, and balding is one of them.

Hair loss seems to be an inevitable part of life later on for both men and women, it has been noted that the levels people are balding has increases quite steadily over the last few decades. While there are many causes to both male and female balding most of society is concerned more with how to stop the pandemic of bald heads, and no we will no all have to wear wigs any time soon. At, we have complied many different ways to fight; or in some cases, completely reverse the effects of hair fading and balding in both men and women.

We think it does great service to our readers to list down the exact causes and reasons after crossing the initial layer of information for answering the question ‘why I’m balding?’. The good news is, we can point out specifically the reasons and share them so that we can prevent them from causing any further damage. Or even better, preventing the young and uninitialized to understand them and prevent them from falling into the same trap that we did. The causes listed below are not listed in the order of the frequency of their cause but are one of the most common causes.

1) Nutritional Deficiency: Nutritional deficiency includes deficiency of nutrients such as iron, protein, calcium and Vitamins A, B and D. Deficiency of iron, also called anemia, is caused due to lack of consumption of leafy vegetables and fruits. While protein and calcium deficiencies are caused when foods like chicken breast, fish and egg whites and milk, and milk-products respectively lack in your diet. Vitamin D and Vitamin A deficiencies can be covered up by consuming fatty fish, mushrooms, egg yolks, and milk, green and orange veggies respectively.

2) Hyperthyroidism: This occurs when the thyroid gland producing the tetraiodothyronine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3), produces the excessive hormone, caused by excess iodine or thyroiditis or growth of some sort of a tumor on your thyroid gland.

3) Hypothyroidism: This is the exact opposite of the above, where the thyroid gland produces less than normal growth hormone required for controlling how our body cells use the energy in our body. The imbalance causes hair loss gradually thus leading to baldness eventually in the long run.

4) Heredity: Again, one reason that is found more commonly in men rather than women. If you had male family members, especially your fathers, it is quite understandable that you started to get bald by the age of 26 to 27 (or maybe even before). This one remains one of the major causes of balding and cannot be prevented given that you are genetically predisposed to suffer from it.

Wait, your lifestyle can be a cause of hair loss!

It may sound irrelevant but the way we live and our habits largely affect the amount of hair loss, we experience. Our daily routine reflects our attitude towards the will to be healthy. The modern lifestyle bears the brunt of many health-related problems, hair loss being one of them. Spending thousands of money for beauty treatments including hair transplant doesn’t feel heavy on our pockets because they desire to look attractive outweighs the impact it has on our bank balance.

High intake of junk food, lack of sleep, pollution and stress are some of the major causes of hair related problems. Hair fall has become a matter of concern and is gripping people of all age groups, irrespective of their gender. Our habits decide how soon or whether we will be needing treatments like hair transplant or not.

Let’s analyze the major aspects of our routine that may aggravate hair loss.


The diet we have is the most important aspect of our overall health that includes the strength of hair as well. Careless food intake with a low amount of nutrients has a direct impact on our hair. It leads to a heavy amount of hair loss.

We should make it a habit to take a balanced diet in order to reduce hair loss otherwise we will have to indulge in treatments like hair transplants in order to get back to our normal life.

Smoking and Alcohol

The consumption of alcohol and smoking is something that should be stopped not just for preventing hair loss but for saving your life.

It’s hazardous and a kind of slow poison. It’s so dangerous that people are advised not to consume it even after the hair transplant. The hair follicles fall out due to Nicotine and alcohol. These components adversely affect the blood flow in the brain.

Smoking and Alcohol

The consumption of alcohol and smoking is something that should be stopped not just for preventing hair loss but for saving your life.

It’s hazardous and a kind of slow poison. It’s so dangerous that people are advised not to consume it even after the hair transplant. The hair follicles fall out due to Nicotine and alcohol. These components adversely affect the blood flow in the brain.

Physical Stress

Physical Stress may cause an increase in hair loss. If you observe that the amount of hair falling is has been increased suddenly, it’s a probability that you’re going through physical trauma.

The best way to tackle physical stress is to exercise. It could be weight training in the gym, cardio with mates, meditation or yoga. Any type of positive indulgence of your body leads to relief during physical stress.


The intensity of pollution in our environment has increased to such an extent that we are unable to keep our hair away from dirt and toxins. Due to the frequent exposure to these harmful external agents, our hair follicles lose their strength and lead to hair loss.

Having a cloth such as a scarf or a big handkerchief around your head is always recommended. You also should wash your hair regularly to get rid of the harmful particles.

Emotional Stress

The stress in mind affects the overall growth and health of your body. A good session of meditation may give relief from it and prevent hair loss.

If the stress is too intense, you should take help and counseling as soon as possible.

Lack of Sleep

A major cause of hair loss is lack of sleep. It increases stress and causes the hair-strands to become weak and fall. It also makes the hair lose its shine and capability to bear stress.

Experimentation with hairstyles

In the present era, almost everyone has a tendency to try out new styles and haircuts that are trending in the market. While it may make you look cool for a short period of time, it has a long-lasting adverse effect on the quality of your hair.

You may do styling and experimentation but in an optimum amount. Going extreme may result in the brutal hair loss and you may not have any hairs to experiment again.

Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Most women take great pride in their hair care, from specific shampoos to expensive treatments at the salon. So when a woman starts to lose her hair it is much more difficult of a transition than it is for a man, but it is not uncommon for woman to experience hair loss just as frequently as a man. As men and women differ greatly in our genetics, the reasons why women lose their hair are quite different from the reasons men lose theirs. As said these are just some of the causes for women to hair loss:

  1. Menopause, with a great change in hormones at this time in a woman’s life her hair may begin to thin or fall out.
  2. Pregnancy is also a cause of great change in hormone levels for all women, when someone is pregnant they may begin to experience hair loss as a result of the rapid changes to their anatomy.
  3. Birth control is used to repress certain chemical and hormonal reactions in the body, as with a great change in hormone levels a great decrease of them as seen with the pill can also cause hair loss.
  4. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is caused by a high level of testosterone in a female’s body. Since testosterone is the male sex hormone, this shift can either cause extreme hair loss or an over development of hair not only on your head but in most any other place as well.
The Homemade Cure for Hair Loss

Have you heard about the amazing benefits of eggs? Eggs have the power to change the look of your hair. Does it cure hair loss? Well, let us tell you one thing! All the homemade treatments take time and you have to be very dedicated and patient to see the results. A teaspoon of olive oil and egg can be applied to your hair thrice in a week. It seems like a big dedication but if you want to get rid of hair loss, you have to spend time on your hair.

Warming coconut oil and oiling your hair with it will be a constant effort but it will be worth it. It improves the texture of your hair as well. The Indian Gooseberry is another home remedy but it is very difficult to find it in some countries. Grape seed oil acts as an anti-oxidant and it promotes hair growth as well. You can apply grape seed oil to your hair twice in a week. You can also try aloe vera on your hair. Some people actually have aloe vera plants in their home. The pulp can be used on your hair as it promotes hair growth.

The Alternative

Gone are those days when hair transplant was expensive because these days, the competition has increased. The hair restoration centres are beginning to cut down the prices and they are offering unmatched services. The hair transplant cost is not sky-rocket high in India. Hair transplant in India has become a trend and many people are going for it. The surgery is safe and it is done under the supervision of a good surgeon. Speaking of surgeons, you should choose a good hair restoration centre for the hair transplant. If you have bald patches on your head and your hair is falling way too much, you should go for the hair transplantation because it will work for you. Do not worry about the pain because the surgeon will use local anaesthesia. These days the hair restoration centres are providing hair transplant with medical tourism.

1. Shampoos- One of the most common ways out there to fight balding is the use of shampoos and gels. Most of these rely on vitamins to make your hair thicker and seem as if it is not balding. However this is merely a masking technique, meaning to only make the existing hair thicker and healthier while not bringing new hair to the places you have already lost it.

2. Laser hair combs- as the title suggestions is one of the ways endorses to actually grow hair back where you have lost it in the past. Although it is an effective way to stop hair loss, the main con against it is the fact it take 8 to 12 weeks to see the results.

3. Hormones- hormones are specifically for hair restoration in women and not for men. These treatments are meant to balance out the levels of hormones in women to then balance the hair growth levels for their hair as well. This technique is very effective but can have some serious affects such as blood clots, weight gain, and again is only meant to help women in their hair loss complications.

4. Hair transplants- the process of a hair transplant consists of removing follicles from the back of the scalp and planting them where the hair has been fading or as disappeared altogether. This process is usually permanent and can be continued if other areas also begin to bald but it is also very expensive, upward of ten thousand dollars or more!

5. Finasteride (sold as Propecia) – originally for prostate problems, this medication will help male pattern baldness by helping grow back the hair where you have lost it already. About two-third of all users say that their hair did in fact grow back. Although it has a high level of success there are also some significant side affects which must be consider by anyone who uses it. This product is not for women, can cause irreversible damage to male sex drive and impotency, and it must be taken once a day and can become very expensive that way.

6. Minoxidil (sold as Rogaine and Regaine) – this product was originally made to help with high blood pressure problems as a result of the high growth of random hair in most test subjects, they developed a bit specifically for application to the scalp of balding individuals. The effects of this topical cream are at best temporary and most of the time not very visible, but it is already very widely used and can be found anywhere for those looking to fight their hair loss and not have to spend an excessive amount to do so.

Hair Loss Treatment

Homemade treatments work great but we are slightly towards hair transplantation because homemade remedies are a long process. It is time to use the gifts of medical science! Yes, hair care is important and you should be oiling your hair with coconut oil and olive oil. It will give your hair a brilliant shine and it will gradually help you to grow your hair. However, you should do a research and get a hair transplantation done because you might be surprised of the brilliant results! Make sure you read the reviews before opting for a hair restoration centre.

PRP Explained

This therapy is an effective hair loss prevention treatment which has helped a lot of people. In PRP treatment we get patients’ blood, platelets are separated from the blood in high concentration by the process called centrifugation. Then the increased concentration of platelets is injected with a needle, the PRP gets injected in the scalp of the patients. This solution then gets into the blood. Once this happens, your blood itself will begin working. The hair growth will begin on its own.

This is a treatment that is suitable for both genders. Both males and females will benefit from this treatment. Therefore, if you are suffering from hair loss, you can opt for this treatment without thinking twice.

The treatment can be used for both hair loss problems and hair thinning problems. The solution has the power which when activated in the blood generates healing from within. Such healing slows the hair loss process. Also, it augments the hair growth process. The patient hardly feels any pain when the solution gets injected in the scalp as local anesthesia is applied to relieve the patient from suffering pain. Apart from this other medication or sedation is not needed.

Once the treatment is done, you can expect hair growth. However, the treatment might require you to go for checkups in every nine months. This is important if you want to accomplish our desired result.


It is important to understand that the result of any treatment differs depending on patients. It is your health condition and your lifestyle which will decide how long the treatment might take or what result you can expect.

Before you go for the treatment you must find out whether this treatment is right for you or not. For this, you need to get in touch with an expert who has offered hair loss treatment to others. Your doctor will tell you whether the treatment is right for you or should you go for some other treatment.

Remember that if you have a previous medical condition, you might not be the right candidate for PRP treatment. In the case of chronic diseases, skin diseases or cancer the doctor might suggest some other hair loss treatment. Some people have platelet dysfunction. Such people will not be able to acquire the benefit of the treatment as they will not be able to withstand the effect of the solution.

How Mesotherapy Works

If you are wondering how this treatment works, you are not the only one. There are others who want to know the same thing. The therapy requires injecting nutrients in the scalp. This injection is given to the patients only after a thorough checkup. The doctors don’t just inject this solution to the scalp. The effect of hair loss is another thing that doctors assess. This too plays a big role in injecting this nutrient.

The treatment is done to maximize the effect of the nutrient. This activation helps in the growth of the hair follicles. Due to this reason, this treatment is considered the most effective treatment related to hair loss and other hair related problems. You can opt for this treatment if you are losing hair or fearing baldness in the future.

Benefits of Mesotherapy hair loss treatment

You might be wondering about the mesotherapy hair treatment. What are the benefits of the treatment? Why should you opt for this? These questions as a patient you need to ask. The first benefit is safety. Yes, this hair loss treatment is safe to acquire. You can easily opt for mesotherapy to cure your hair loss problem. There are a lot of people in Bhubaneswar who have opted for this therapy. They have benefitted from the treatment.

This treatment is famous because of the lesser side effects. The nutrient does not allow allergies or rashes to appear on the skin like other hair loss therapies. The side effects are all temporary.

Unlike any other hair loss treatment mesotherapy does not involve the use of anesthesia. Most of the complications of surgery occur with application anesthesia. Because this treatment does not require the application, it is considered a safe hair loss therapy. In any other hair loss therapy, recovery takes a long time. However, when it comes to mesotherapy, the time spent in recovery is not long. For this reason, you can call it a quick fix to your hair loss problem.

Surgery and pain come hand in hand. However, this treatment is painless. For this reason, the recovery does not take much time. In usual cases, the treatment is done once a month. Mesotherapy is a 6-month long treatment. We at HHY hair transplant clinic provide mesotherapy treatment for hair loss prevention.

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