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• Hair loss or thinning of eye brow hair is coined as 'MADAROSIS'.
• The cause of eye brow hair loss is due to chemotherapy, high end antibiotics, regular cosmetics, various autoimmune disease patterns like alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, alopecia universalis, vitamin deficiency, low hemoglobin content in the blood, hypothyroidism, atopic dermatitis, aging, hormonal imbalance, allergy, etc.
• Each and everyone are now aware of the modern hair transplantation techniques.
• Similarly as the bald scalp can be transplanted same that of bald eye brow area can be transplanted with new natural hair.
• As we know for implantation in the Bald head we extract follicles from the donor area same in case of eye brow implantation we can implant the extracted follicles.
• As the eye brow hair are single follicular units the extracted hair follicles from the donor area of scalp are then bisected into single follicular units because the extracted follicles from the donor area of scalp are available in group of 2-4units.
• These bisected hair follicular units are then implanted on the eye brow region.
• The whole process of eye brow hair implantation is done under local anesthesia because it is a normal day care procedure.
• Eye brow implantation needs keen observation so the procedure is done using specific magnifiers.
• This is a very time taken procedure because we should place the hair implants in a proper natural hair direction.
• No matter about the texture of the hair growth, because the texture of the implanted hair depends upon the area where the grafts have been implanted.
• As soon as the eye brow hair starts to grow they again fall off due to lesser blood supply in the implanted area.
• But the hair roots are properly binded into the eye brow skin and they again generate new hair within a matter of 4-6months
• As this is the matter of cosmetic concern many patients apply liners and camouflaging patches which are temporary and look very artificial.
• We treat these cases of madarosis by ruling out the root cause and start the treatment modality accordingly.
• So, we promise you to give normal natural look of eyebrows and allow you to get rid of eye liners and eye brow stickers.
• Consult us for better treatment modality.

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