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Name – Sanjay Patidar , Age – 30 years old , City - Indore (M.P).

I have spent a great time with doctors and the staff. They behave like a family members and Dr.Shakti explained me to each and every thing about hair transplantation Procedure before and after. I think this behavior is appreciable and each and every doctor should explain each and every thing like Dr.Shakti.

Name – Manish Shrimani , Age – 43 years old , City -Dubai (U.A.E).

It was a great experience to get treated at Dr.Shakti's HHY , Apart from being very professional, The whole team was very friendly and made tedious process very bearable .Appreciate the personal touch in this treatment and with them all the very best for the future.

Name – Zahid Ahmed , Age – 31 years old , City - Mumbai (Maharashtra).

Had a great time getting operated lots of care was being taken by the doctors and nurses. It was a long day procedure and all the doctors and nurses were on the job without any time breaks . Hope the results will be as great as their procedure.

Name – Ashok Pandey , Age – 37 years old , City - London (U.K).

It was a great experience with Hair Harmony And You. The doctors and the staff are great professionals. I am happy that I took this decision and not going to any place who spend energy and time on their brand rather than their potential of better service.

Name – Gautham Jain , Age – 23 years old , City - Bangalore (Karnataka).

Was very tense regarding my baldness one of my friend suggested me about Dr.Shakti's Advanced Hair Restoration Centre and very happy to get treated here got a very homely felling. Doctors and staff are very friendly and keen to help my queries.

Name – Santanu Kumar Choudhury , Age – 28 years old , City - Berhampur (Odisha).

HHY clinic is good for its service and care for patients, I m satisfied with the procedure till now I hope results will go better in future , I will suggest my friends and colleagues about HHY. Thanks to Dr.Shakti for good service to the patient and also thanking the staff again and again for their friendliness.

Name – Ratnesh Kumar , Age – 32 years old , City - Gurgaon (Delhi).

Was scared before coming , had lots of doubts since they were new, confused but finally met the doctor his very young and energetic but quite confident and experienced and most important thing I was scared in the middle of the surgery and he assured me there would not be pain and I m happy that he did it. All doctors and supporting staff are well behaved and caring so no need to worry about any thing. and last awaiting for the result  and hope for the best . In all I had a great time here and never feel and treated like a patient..Thanks!!!

Name – Ravi Jairam Bhoir , Age – 31 years old , City - Mumbai (Maharashtra).

It was a nice treatment and staff and doctors are very kind of helpful , I got various solutions and answers to my queries and it was a very nice experience.

Name – Data Suralkar , Age – 38 years old , City - Nashik (Maharashtra).

I had the transplant and till now I am quite satisfied.

Name – Naresh Soni , Age – 30 years old , City - Sambalpur (Odisha).

Very good treatment and satisfied with the procedure felling very comfortable.

Name – Indrajeet Singh , Age – 30 years old , City - Navi Mumbai / Maharashtra.

I found super service, caring staff and super hospitality.

Name – Rohit Chachad , Age – 30 years old , City - Mumbai (Maharashtra).

Underwent hair transplantation at Dr.Shakti's HHY Advanced Hair Restoration Centre Over all experience was good and excellent. Thanks Dr.Shakti and his Team.

Name – Rajat Poddar , Age – 42 years old , City - Mumbai (Maharashtra).

Dr.Shakti is shortly going to be very big because of his expertise, behavior and patience. I am very happy to catch-up with him at this stage of my baldness . Cheers !!! Best Wishes for his future.

Name – Dhaval Desai , Age – 42 years old , City - Mumbai (Maharashtra).

Dr.Shakti and his team is very hard working and clean in getting a good job done……all the best.

Name – Deven , City - Mumbai (Maharashtra).

Hair transplant was in my mind for more than 2 years now; however I never visited any hair expert / transplant clinic. One fine day i came across HHY add on social networking site and I decided to consult HHY. This was my 1st and last visit to any hair transplant clinic , as I had chosen my doctor then who would carry out my treatment. This was purely on the consultation provided by the experts @ HHY.

I am happy to inform that all the commitments given to me on day 1 were adhered to and the entire team @ HHY including support staff were so courteous and caring.

I would recommend HHY to every one who seek commitment , professionalism and care.

Name – Akshay Wadwalkar , City - Mumbai (Maharashtra).

I am very satisfied with hair transplant in HHY. Very good treatment which I've ever had. I am having very positive response thanks to HHY and staff.

Name – Habeeb Ahmed , City - Mumbai (Maharashtra).

Name – Habeeb Ahmed , City - Mumbai (Maharashtra).

Name – Nitya Batra , City - Mumbai (Maharashtra).

Very caring made a tremendously difficult procedure, quite comfortable, very good follow ups.

Name – Dinesh Shaha, City - Mumbai (Maharashtra).

Thank you Dr.Shakti & team for a successful transplant. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours. I will make sure to recommend to friends & family.

Name – Kapil Agarwal , City - Mumbai (Maharashtra).

Dr.Shakit Raj HHY clinic is very good for hair transplant. It's also provide the very good service after the hair transplant procedure like PRP & LASER.

Name – Gautam Seth , City - Mumbai (Maharashtra).

Hi I'm Gautam Seth..I got 2500 grafts implanted at hhy and they have done a great job so far. . You can trust the team.. They invested over 15 hrs on me with full dedication and enthusiasm. .. I'm sure that I will expect great results and full head of hair. . Thanks HHY

Name – Rajesh Kakade , City - Mumbai (Maharashtra).

Good kind and gentle staff good wordinated with patient. Time to time intimetal about next procedure (follow ups). I am happy with every one including Doctor also. Regards. Rajesh Kakade.

Name – P.K. Joshwa , City - Navi Mumbai (Maharashtra).

Wow , HHY Rocks. The best services.

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