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Hair Transplant Cost

Cost of hair transplant will be depend on requirement of grafts as per your scalp condition, type of treatment and donor area. Now talk about the cost of hair transplant. This work can cost from 30 thousand to one lakh rupees. But this cost depends on many things. For example, FUT costs around Rs 20 to 40 per graft. At the same time, the cost of FUE technique is slightly higher. It can cost from 35 to 70 rupees per graft. Which of these techniques will be right for you, as we have told you above, only the surgeon specialist does it.

The higher the number of grafts in the head, the higher the expense. According to how much part of the head is to be transplanted, the money will be more than that or if you want to have a hair transplant done on the chest other than the head. How much density you want in the hair will also increase the price. If you are paying a fee according to each session, then the more sessions you take, the higher the fees will be. If you want service other than the things involved in treatment, then it may cost more. However, some clinics offer one or two free sessions even after treatment.

Each patient has a different requirement, the number of grafts, the donor area are different for each patient. Some patients even require transplants in specialized areas like temporal or crown area, or the beard. All this determines the overall cost. That is why it is extremely important to research your options thoroughly, meet the surgeon and ask all the questions on your mind and check the clinic thoroughly.

The clinic you choose should be able to match your expectations and should have high hygiene standards, infrastructure and the clinical staff and surgeon should be knowledgeable. If the transplant is within the budget, you should definitely get it done. If it is out of your budget, wait for a while, manage your finances and then get the transplant done. Please do not compromise on what is essential to do the transplant in your budget. We have seen a lot of patients who have made the mistake of getting their procedure done just because it is cheap or discounted and they regret it now and feel that they looked better before the hair transplant. So find out everything, keep your budget in mind and make the best decision for yourself, so that you feel happy and confident after your procedure and not full of regret.

What factors determine the cost of Hair Transplant?

The first factor is the degree and experience of the hair transplant surgeon.

Another really important thing is that an experienced and trained surgeon will be able to use the donor area correctly while maintaining the correct density, and will consider other important factors to make your hair transplant a success. Only an experienced surgeon will be able to identify a problem or complications by diagnosing the problem immediately and correcting it. However, a technician may not be able to prevent a complication or correct it once it occurs that will eventually suffocate the patient. This is why surgery costs can vary and increase depending on the surgeon.

The second important factor is the OT setup. It is extremely important that hair transplant surgery be done in OT. This should not be done in the OPD setup. The OT should be equipped with critical equipment, lights, magnification equipment and necessary measures to deal with an emergency. OT infrastructure requires considerable investment. This modern infrastructure plays an important role in the overall cost of surgery. We have seen many clinics that do not use proper illumination or necessary magnifying devices in the OT during the procedure. This may reduce the cost of the process, but will certainly hinder the overall result. The highest aseptic standards must be followed to avoid any complications and this is possible only in one OT. There are some clinics that carry out the procedure in OPD. This certainly reduces the overall cost of the process but is dangerous.

The third factor is high quality equipment. For high accuracy that requires FUE surgery, it is necessary to have high quality equipment!

We use US-made punches that are very sharp and very accurate. When they are used on the scalp, the cut is clean and there is minimal damage and stains to the skin. The fifth important factor is hair transplant. A hair transplant requires specific skills. For example, transplanting hair on the temporal area is very useful. If there are any mistakes during this process, your hair transplant may actually go wrong. There are very few surgeons who can fully perform this. Crown hair transplant also requires special skills. Crown designing is extremely challenging and requires making whorl patterns that require special skills. Even a beard transplant is a skilled job. To prevent any scarring on the face, the hair should be implanted in a specific angle and direction. This also increases the total transplant cost. These are some of the important factors that depend on the cost of the hair transplant.

  • Hair Transplant Technique
  • Combination of Techniques
  • Desired Density
  • Cost per graft
  • Donor area hair quality
  • Number of sitting
  • Plastic Surgeon Expertise & Qualification
  • Complexity of Surgery
  • Clinic/Hospital Location & Infrastructure
  • Medical Tourism

In India, the price per graft can vary from Rs. 25 to Rs. 200. Some clinics tell you the cost per child. You have to keep in mind that 2 hairs = 1 graft

How much does it cost to get the hair transplant in India?

Hair fall and baldness seems like a nightmare but you do not have to worry much because India is the place to go to for hair transplantation. We are very impressed with the fact that India’s medical tourism industry is one of the most flourishing industries. People from all over the world travel to India to get the hair transplantation done and they also get to see all the beautiful monuments, people, food and culture. You might have several questions in your mind! Let us guess! You are wondering how much it costs to get a hair transplantation in India?

Well, you have landed at the right page because we are going to tell you all about it. Why should you come to India for a hair transplant? How much does it cost? We have covered it all in this article!

Why should you come to India for a hair transplant?
  • India’s medical tourism industry is flourishing.
  • It is cost-effective. The hair transplant cost is very low in India as compared to other countries.
  • Consultation fee is very low.
  • Attractive packages (medical tourism)
  • You can get the hair transplantation done and you can travel to the best tourist destinations as well. Experience the culture, food and meet new people. You will find people from the entire world in India!
  • English is widely spoken in the country and so, you will not have any language barrier.
  • The doctors possess high level degrees and they have several years of expertise as well.
  • The country is advanced and you will find the latest medical technology in the hospitals and treatment centres.
  • The hair transplantation surgery is safe in India and it is performed under the supervision of expert surgeons.
How much does it cost to get a hair transplant in India?

Getting a hair transplant in India will be a wise decision because it will cost very less. You will find many hair restoration centres which offer the facility for a low cost. If you take hair transplant with medical tourism package, you will save more because you will get everything in it such as hotel, transfers, sightseeing and much more. How can you miss coming to India? Yes, the cost is low of the hair transplantation surgery but there are many more benefits of coming to India. You will get to experience the culture, meet many interesting people, know about the history and see the most beautiful monuments.

India is a wonderful country with warm people and it is much more advanced than it was 10 years ago. The country has the finest doctors, surgeons, hospitals, technology, roads, facilities and much more. You will be pleasantly surprised that India has so much to offer you. Yes, you will save a lot on the hair transplant cost. Some restoration centres cost you by per graft of hair. There are some clinics which offer free consultation or a very low fee. You can say goodbye to baldness and hair thinning forever by coming to India for a hair transplantation surgery. Take a package and save more. You will be glad you took the decision!

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