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How much does the Hair Transplant cost in Baripada

Due to the advancement in the technology and arise in the medical equipment, hair loss treatment in Baripada is becoming the well-known treatment. This treatment involves grafting hair from any other body part and then planting it to the scalp. The cost of the hair transplant depends upon the area where the hair is placed. Moreover, this also depends upon the sessions that are required to have in a hair transplant.

HAIR TRANSPLANT ? Sessions Required:

Normally, on the back of the head a number of sessions. Most of the times, it requires around 3 to 4 hours to undergo the procedure of hair transplant. If we talk about the sessions, then it requires around 4 sessions to get whole hair transplantation completed.

The cost of Hair transplant

The cost of the hair transplantation is more for those who are more hair loss. Most of the times, the treatment of the hair transplant ranges from around Rs, 35000 to Rs. 1,00,000 or more. The price is different for the different clinic which completely depends upon the experience of the surgeon, number of sessions, etc.

Secondly, this also depends upon male and female as males are having more baldness as compared to women. The cost of the hair transplant Baripada is dependent upon the choice of long-term treatment or short term treatment. Long term hair loss treatment is costly as compared to the short one.

Cost based on types of Hair Transplant

There are around two types of hair transplant treatment which are follicular unit extraction and strip harvesting. Strip harvesting is quite cheaper than that of the follicular unit extraction. In the case of the strip harvesting there can be some scars after the treatment. On the other hand, there are no such scars in the case of follicular unit extraction. FUE or follicular unit extraction is the complex treatment and requires expertise and advanced equipment to follow the procedure.

The cost of the hair loss treatment in Baripada also depends upon the choice of the medicines, if you are willing go for the option of the medicines from the clinic of hair transplant Baripada then you will have to pay more for the treatment. But if you will get medicines from outside the clinic, then you will need to pay less for your treatment.

If you are seeking for the treatment, then you should not compromise on the money as the treatment of hair transplant Baripada promises skills and expertise. Only an expert surgeon conducts the hair loss treatment in Baripada and the doctor is sure to offer value for money services for people who are struggling with Hair Loss.

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