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Hair transplantation has attracted immense popularity in modern generation. Early loss of hair is a problem no more for our youth. Hair transplantation gives you back your confidence and enhances your personality. Partial or complete balding spoils your look and embarrasses you in your social circle. Excessive hair fall may happen due to many reasons but balding has one rescue: Hair transplantation.


A lot of people avoid going the hair transplant way because of how much it costs but increasing competition in this field has brought down the prices of this surgery considerably from what it was a few years back. Now, hair transplant is no more a thing of the rich and has become affordable to the masses in general. Especially bald patches can be restored in low budget thanks to the per graft pricing that most clinics offer. So, the lesser number of hair you need to graft, the lighter you final bill will be.

The final pricing of a hair transplant mostly depends on the amount of hair that you want grafted. In western countries, an average cost of hair transplantation ranges from $4,000 to $15,000 (depending on the clinic of your choice. However, most of the insurance plans don’t provide coverage for a hair transplant procedure in western countries.

Before you compare and contrast the prices of a hair transplant procedure, you must understand the importance of hair and the need to restore it in a right manner. Also, growing new hair is not the only important part of a hair transplant procedure. The newly grafted hair should also feel natural. This totally depends on the skill and experience of the doctor.

In any hair transplant procedure, high quality grafts that have less than 2% transaction rate might make the surgery quite cost effective but the donor area risks a chance of getting damaged. Thus, going for cheaper clinics might end up being more expensive later. Ensure that an electronic counting machine is present in the clinic of your choice to count the number of grafts without being cheated.

Coming to cost comparison of different hair transplant procedures, a FUE hair transplant in Europe ranges from 4-8 euros and in US it can be done for 7 to 12 dollars while India offer for less than $2 or € 1 per graft for the same FUE procedure. Survey has shown that 60% of the travelers come to India for hair transplantation surgeries not only for the cost factor but also for the personalized attention and skill of the doctors.

While some clinics charge per session or per square inch for hair transplantation, most charge per graft-per follicular unit wise. However, the price for special cases of hair transplants like eyebrow, eyelash, moustache and beard does not follow the number of grafts costing and is finalized upon one on one consultation. The disadvantage for per session pricing is that you will never get to know about the number of grafts that you have received. The package fee for hair transplantation usually includes everything from medicines to post operative treatment.

Quality hair transplant in best possible cost is available at Hair Harmony and You. Our affordable ranges of hair transplant treatments not only keep your scalp full but also your pocket feeling full. However, our quality of services is not compromised because of our affordable costing. There is no point in investing a chunk of your earnings towards a hair transplantation surgery, like some hair clinics might compel you to, if you come to Hair Harmony and You!

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