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In today's modern world we have heard a lot about people suffering from baldness, hair thinning or sever hair loss. Medically speaking, for an adult, about 40 to 80 hair falling a day is considered within a normal range. However, it is also important that if one observes sudden increase of hair falling even within the normal range, it calls for medical attention and evaluation. Again, if one has hair falling within normal range but if they fall from the roots amounting to a definite reduction in the quantum of the total hair on the scalp, it calls for appropriate treatment. Medically it is said that if there is a consistent hair falling over 80 a day and reduced hair quantum, it needs to be evaluated for treatment.


We at HAIR HARMONY AND YOU is a high tech hair treatment centre with our highly trained & experienced doctors & surgeons, professional staff, registered dietician & counselors, counsel you & guide you for the same & give you the best possible solution to your hair loss problem. We at the centre are equipped with latest technology & equipments that are required for the treatment. We at HAIR HARMONY AND YOU are committed to educating and improving the lives of all those affected with hair loss and provide evidence based treatment options.

We offer you with a wide variety of high quality treatments in hair transplantation, surgical, non surgical and laser hair treatment. We also offer you new hair transplantation modalities such as long hair transplantation , hair doubling technique , trichophytic FUT, BIO-HAIR implants, Body hair transplant , stem cell hair activation , laser assisted neo graft technique , eye brow implantation, dermal papillae cell implant, ADHI-FUE, ADHI-FUT, suction assisted hair transplantation, hair line designing , PRP injections , scalp micro pigmentation etc and many more. In addition to our specialty products, we offer variety of useful products at competitive prices.

Our centre has track record of providing good result to the people at lowest possible cost. We are into the field of aesthetic surgery and hair transplant for years. The team at HAIR HARMONY AND YOU is lead by Dr SHAKTI RAJ JAMMULA a qualified MBBS, who has years of hands on experience in hair transplantation & hair implants and other aesthetic surgeries. He is has conceptualized and led the HARMONY AND YOU with great knowledge & expertise for years. Dr SHAKTI RAJ JAMMULA along with well trained professional staff assures you a good result & strive hard daily to achieve maximum level of satisfaction to our clients. We provide you best & the most comforting service with 100% safety adhere to high quality hygiene standard. We give treatment to all kinds of hair loss like ageing hair fall, thinning of hair, patchy hair fall, partial baldness, scalp hair loss etc. This would indeed be a permanent solution to the entire hair loss problem, giving you a very natural look. Our centre has track record of providing good result to the people at lowest possible cost & 100s of patients stand testimony to the quality of treatment that we provide.

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