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Hair is an important part of our external identity and outlook & contributes a lot to our personality & image. Hair problems are one of the most common problems that have affected a million of individuals worldwide. Hair loss occurs in both men and women and is referred medically as Pattern Baldness. It refers to the partial or complete lack of hair growth, and is one of the biggest attributes of hair thinning. It is an advanced state of hair loss, in which hair growth has stopped completely on certain sections of the head and the scalp has become openly visible Hair loss causes psychological stress and affects the individual's overall appearance and self-esteem.


We HAIR HARMONY AND YOU a high tech hair treatment centre offers you an excellent solution to these problem with our highly advanced technique & instrument that is sure to give you a 100% result. We offer you with a wide variety of high quality treatments in hair transplantation, surgical, non surgical and laser hair treatment. We also offer you new hair transplantation modalities such as long hair transplantation , hair doubling technique , trichophytic FUT, BIO-HAIR implants, Body hair transplant , eye brow implantation,ADHI-FUE, ADHI-FUT, suction assisted hair transplantation, hair line designing , PRP injections , scalp micro pigmentation etc and many more. In addition to our specialty products, we offer variety of useful products at competitive prices.

We at HAIR HARMONY AND YOU have the best qualified and highly experienced professional doctors & surgeons with registered dietician & counselors to serve you & guide you thought your treatment, making it an easy & smooth journey for you. We provide you best & the most comforting service with 100% safety adhere to high quality hygiene standard. We aim at giving a very happy and satisfied client result. Our doctors & surgeons are highly experienced, giving a 100% assured results of aesthetic natural hair line that you have always dreamt of having. This would indeed be a permanent solution to your hair loss problem giving you a very natural look. All these treatment are done under the guidance & expertise of Dr SHAKTI RAJ JAMMULA, who has conceptualized & introduced HAIR HARMONY AND YOU hair transplantation centre for people suffering from hair loss. He is a qualified MBBS from a Hi-tech medical college and hospital, BBSR under Utkal University (Orissa) & has a thousand hands on experience in the field of hair transplantation, hair implants and other aesthetic surgeries.

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