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Now a day's Hair loss has become a common suffering among individuals mainly due to factors like ageing naturally, unhealthy diet, environmental factors, harsh chemical use, stressful lifestyle & improper hair care. On an average, a person loses 50-100 strands of hair everyday, which is normal. However, when a person begins to lose more than 100 strands per day, it is a clear sign of a hair fall problem. The reasons for hair fall are many and most of them can be solved easily.


We at HARMONY AND YOU bring you a permanent solution that is a safe & painless hair transplantation treatment with high level of hygiene maintained by staff members & give you a safe & easy journey throughout the treatment. We give permanent & assured results under the guidance of professionals who are highly experienced in this field & provide you with the best quality treatment at an affordable cost. We offer you numerous hair transplant products to assist surgeons in hair restoration surgery. Our doctors & surgeons are highly experienced, giving a 100% assured results of aesthetic natural hair line that you have always dreamt of having. The technique & high quality instruments that are used by us are designed to improve patient results and increase the efficiency of the hair transplant procedure .We assure you of a treatment with no pain during or after the procedure, with high safety & hygiene standards followed. Also we have our counselors with great expertise that make your journey very easy with step-by-step guidance right from pre-operative to post-operative period. We provide the best highly advanced hair restoration treatment with permanent hair loss solution.

We offer you with a wide variety of high quality treatments in hair transplantation, surgical, non surgical and laser hair treatment.

HARMONY AND YOU is a high tech hair treatment centre led by Dr SHAKTI RAJ JAMMULA. Dr SHAKTI RAJ JAMMULA is a qualified MBBS from a Hi-tech medical college and hospital ,BBSR under Utkal University(Orissa) & also completed one year course of master in hair transplantation surgery under ISAMS (Indian society of aesthetic medicine and surgery) and EAAMS (European academy of aesthetic medicine and surgery) .Under his able guidance, knowledge, expertise & hands on experience in this field & along with highly trained & experienced doctors & surgeons, professional staff, registered dietician & counselors; strive daily to treat their customers & give them a best visible result & a permanent solution to their hair loss problem. Our centre is well equipped with latest technology & instruments that play a major role in hair restoration & solving the problem of patterned baldness or hair loss.

We at HARMONY AND YOU assure you a good result at a very reasonable cost. Promising to provide you quality hair transplantation, the results of 1000s of patients stand testimony to the quality of treatment that we provide.

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