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Hair Transplant Case Study

Androgenetic alopecia grade 6 patient had a strong family history of male pattern baldness used several medications, but didn't achieve desired hair growth post that.So he underwent hair transplant after he decided to go for it. He had underwent a hair transplant of 4700 fue grafts at hair harmony and you and now post 7 months follow up he is very satisfied by the results which he had achieved.

Male pattern Androgenetic alopecia grade 6 category had a strong family history both maternal and paternal side, taken homeopathy medications for few years further hair loss was controlled but there was no hair regrowth. He consulted us at HAIR HARMONY AND YOU Mumbai branch. He wanted to go for FUE hair transplant. We did hair grafting of about 4246 FUE grafts by “NO ROOT TOUCH TECHNIQUE” which was a 2 days consecutive session and it’s been just 4 months results started appearing. Furthermore density and growth is definitely expected within 2 more months.

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