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Types of Hair Transplantation technologies available in Meghalaya

Hair loss and hair thinning is one of the most prominent issues that most people are deal with as they age. One of the best ways to overcome this situation to look for alternatives that act as permanent solution to the hair loss problems. If you are looking for hair transplant in Meghalaya, then you must first acquaint yourself with all the information there is about hair transplant.

What is hair transplant?

Hair transplant is a process by which hair is grafted or extracted from a healthy donor site. This donor site could be the back of the scalp. This can then be placed or transplanted into the area that has maximum thinning or hair loss. There are various types of hair transplant methods that can be used based on your requirement and the current condition of the patient.

Types of Hair transplant

There are two major categories in hair transplant, when opting for hair transplant in Meghalaya here are few things you must know about the hair transplant

1. FUE Follicular Unit Extraction

This process involves extracting one unit at a time. Each follicle is carefully extracted, this procedure is minimally invasive. The procedure may take about one to four or five hours depending on the number of follicles that needs to be transplanted. The FUE technique is known to have a high success rate and can be done effectively by a well experienced practitioner.

2. FUT Follicular unit transplantation

This method involves using a strip of hair from the donor area and placing it into transplanted area. An entire strip of area is extracted in a minimally invasive surgical procedure and the portion is then placed into the area the needs transplantation.

An important factor to keep in mind during hair transplantation is the quality of procedure. For instance, it is imperative to check out the different clinics that offer the treatment, the experience and skill of the practitioner. Consideration of various factors such cost of transplantation, the location of the transplant and the aftercare required are all important before making the final call.

The aftercare:

Aftercare is extremely essential in this procedure. Patients are recommended to maintain good level of hygiene and care post transplantation. Following the advice of the aftercare procedure provided by the doctor is very essential. For instance, extensive scratching may hamper the transplant.

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