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Hair loss and hair transplantation

Hair loss is a common factor that has plagued almost 50 million people in the United States. It is a global phenomenon and it keeps getting worse as we age. Some of the most common reasons that cause hair loss could be pollution, genetically predisposition, dirt and grime, lack of proper care or just plain aging. Hair transplantation is procedure for all those individuals who are victims of Hair loss. They can opt to change their lives by looking for a hair transplant clinic in Nagaland. While the cost of hair transplantation maybe a worry to some, it is definitely worth the money for most.

What is hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a process wherein the hair from the healthy or good parts of the scalp is harvested. The good part of the hair is usually genetically predisposed to prevent hair loss. Hair transplantation involves transplanting the harvested follicles from the dense regions to the areas where the hair loss is more prevalent.

What are the basic types of hair transplant? Hair transplant is of two basic types that is FUE and FUT.

In the procedure known as FUT, the surgeon will use a scalpel to cut off a strip of the hair and skin from the harvesting area. This area is known to have healthy follicles. The surgeon will them use precision equipment’s to cut down this strip into micro fragments that will be transplanted into the patients recipient area.

Another method FUE is used where single hair follicle units are transplanted into the recipient area. Small tiny holes are made in the recipient area post which hair follicles are inserted into them. The area is then covered up in gauze and then allowed to rest. Anywhere between hundreds to thousands of implantations maybe done on the patient. Choose the best clinic for hair transplant in Nagaland to get optimal results.

Temprarory hair restoration vs. Permanent hair transplant

The Cost of hair transplant is significantly expensive in comparison to the temporary hair restoration procedures. Then why opt for hair transplant which is permanent? The results speak for themselves. Once the procedures has been done the patients do not have to worry about the way it looks i.e. wig like appearance or of it getting detached. It looks more natural than the temporary ones. The aftercare is also relatively much simpler. Aftercare is stringent only immediately after post-surgery. Once the hair grows normally, hair care hygiene must be maintained like any normal individual. In case of temporary transplants, there is a greasy look and waxy smell that maybe be prevalent.

This is why one must opt for hair transplant in Nagaland, it is like a second lease on a youthful life, enhances confidence and self-esteem in individuals.

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