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Hair Transplant is a relatively common procedure that allows the patient to have another go at their Hair. Hair loss is an extremely common phenomenon that becomes more and more prominent with age. In order to deal with the problem of hair loss, a number of people are opting for the Hair transplant procedure. You don’t need to go too far to find the best hair restoration clinic in Manipur or India for that matter.

Here are some shocking statistics on hair loss and hair transplantation.

We lose approximately 50-100 hair on a daily basisAlmost 50 million people, both men, and women are facing hair loss problems Almost 47% of people said they were willing to trade their life savings in exchange for hair gain.80% of the people can’t recognize if someone has had a hair transplant.

What is a hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is a procedure that is done to combat hair loss. It involves using the healthy hair follicles from the good parts of the scalp and transplant these follicles into the parts where the hair loss is most prominent. The procedure may vary on a case to case basis. Opt for the best hair restoration clinic in Manipur to benefit from the hair transplant.

Who may benefit the most out hair transplant?

Hair transplant can benefit anyone who is suffering from hair loss. Men suffering from male baldness pattern, people who face hair thinning or those who may have lost parts of their follicles to either burn or surgery are few of the people who can opt for this procedure.

How is the aftercare post-transplant?

Even when you are undergoing the hair transplant procedure from the best hair restoration clinic in Manipur, it is important to be careful of post-transplant care. The major post-transplant hair care is required immediately after the surgery, patients must be careful and maintain good hygiene. They must avoid itching as much as possible. Patients need to be aware of symptoms that may show up later. Proper medication and care must be followed as prescribed by the doctor.

What may be some of the complications you must be aware of?

Some of the common occurrences post the procedure is dryness and itching. Slight bleeding may occur in one off cases. Mild swelling may be observed but it doesn’t warrant worrying. In rare case infection or folliculitis may occur, thus it is important to undergo the procedure through best hair restoration clinic in Manipur. These are some of the points you must be aware of before undergoing a hair transplant.

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