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Here are the reasons why you should plan to arrive a day early.

Hair transplant is not just walking into a clinic and walking out with newly grown hair. A lot of pre operative procedures are involved before the actual transplant procedure. Preoperative medications start as early as two weeks before your surgery.

Many people go abroad to get their hair transplantation done. After thorough research when a patient finalizes on a restoration surgeon, the map boundaries are no bar. The best surgeon may be far away from where you live and for that you have to travel all the way for your transplantation surgery. So, before you do your tickets, make sure you book it a day earlier and not the same day of the surgery.

A preoperative counseling is done before you get into the surgical procedure and this needs considerable time. Every query and detail is discussed with the surgeon the day before, so that you are to come fully prepared on the day of the surgery and receive no surprises at all. This pre consultation is very important and should not be missed. You can also prepare your very own questionnaire to ask the surgeon everything you want to. This consultation also makes the doctor aware of all your health conditions and allergies, if any.

Blood tests for Hepatitis ad HIV are also carried out before the surgery. This is done for the operating surgeon`s and nurses` safety. Hair transplants involve handling needles and scalpels, which pose a risk of infecting the surgeon with patient`s blood in case of any cut in the surgeon`s hands. Hence, if you test positive for any infectious disease, the operating team will administer extra precautions while operating on you. The blood test may also determine your clotting time, diabetic profile, etc. to minimize risk during the surgical procedure.

Also, you will be given certain medications (Minoxidil, antibiotics, etc.) the night before your transplantation procedure.

The patient needs to get familiarized with the restoration surgeon as well as the clinic where the surgery will be conducted. Sometimes, the patients who come directly on the transplantation day get anxiety attacks and the surgery is gets postponed because of high blood pressure problems. This delay can be avoided by building a patient surgeon relationship a day prior to the surgery.

To be punctual for the surgery: Hair restoration clinics keep busy and they expect you to take your appointment time seriously. If you plan to arrive at the place the very same day of your surgery, the chances are high that you will get late for your surgical appointment. To avoid any delay, it is wise to arrive a day early and prepare yourself best for the surgery.

Other preparations: You are to wash your hair with Betadine AD shampoo a day ahead of the surgery. A head wash on the transplantation day is also expected, just before coming to the clinic. Also, you are to make an advanced payment of your surgery to confirm your intentions and book your slot. Most clinics stress on the advanced payment part.

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