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For best result of your hair transplant procedure there are some mandatory things to do before FUE hair transplant which suggest by surgeons during hair transplant consultation. Note all this point is look like basic but follow given instruction very nicely. This all are simple things to do and some extra care are there. They are very normal to do so you don’t need to do something different and very big thing.

You will get all notes and suggestion from surgeons during consultation once you will fix your procedure. Surgeons will specially give some instruction to prepare you. Instructions are given below.

Kindly note don’t worry about FUE hair transplant procedure, basically it’s surgical procedure but most of patients are naturally asleep during this procedure and there will be minimal pain that we can down by using local anesthesia to numbing a specific bald area. Even most of patients enjoy television show, movie, songs or sport during treatment.

  • 1. For Diabetic patients start taking Tab Lizolid 600 mg – one tablet per day (after diner) – 7 days prior to the procedure date. Take regular medication for B.P. and Diabetes.
  • 2. Start using Betadine surgical scrub as shampoo- Prior 6 days of procedure. (Apply all over to the scalp and keep it for 4-5 min and then wash it)
  • 3. In case using Minoxidil lotion then stop it 15 days prior transplant.
  • 4. Stop heavy work out (exercises/jogging/ swimming) prior 4 days of transplant.
  • 5. Stop eating Spicy and oily food prior 3 days.
  • 6. Consumption of alcoholic beverage and tobacco/cigarette to be stopped prior 6 days of transplant.
  • 7. On the day of Transplant wear a front opening shirt (Not T-Shirt).
  • 8. On the day of Transplant have good breakfast.
  • 9. On the day of Transplant bring hard copy of your blood reports.
  • 10. On the day of Transplant carry one big handkerchief/ Bandana.
  • 11. On the day of transplant bring Fucidin ointment and one crepe bandage (10cm*4mtr).
  • 12. Present your all medical reports and don’t hide any things from surgeons during consultation even don’t lying about your medical history or habits from your surgeons, like if you have diabetics, kindly inform it to your surgeon prior treatment or during consultation so he can well instruct you how to handle proper diet & insulin management on the day of procedure. Lying yourself & surgeons may harm your health & surgeons will not able to achieve his best result due to that.
  • 13. If you have smoking or use nicotine products like cigarettes, cigars, gums, electronic cigarettes then you will have to stop till procedure, this all effects or restricts the blood vessels causing poor oxygen circulation which leads to poor wound healing. We would suggest you to quit smoking; it is beneficial for your general health.
  • 14. Drinking Alcohol like beer, wine, liquor or spirits effects widens the blood vessels which increases swelling thins the blood, causing excessive bleeding during the procedure, even alcohol interacts with anesthesia and pain management medications which may cause for pain.
  • 15. Avoid Vitamins or multivitamins like B or E it may cause during hair transplant procedure.
  • 16. Avoid coffee or tea or any caffeinated products on the day of your procedure, it may cause high blood pressure or bleeding during procedure.
  • 17. Start massaging 10-30 minutes on daily basis prior 1 month at least, daily massage will soft your scalp and increase blood flow on this are which is good sign for best hair results.
  • 18. Avoid hair care products on the day of hair transplant procedure; kindly wash your hair clean and nice.
  • 19. If you dye your hair daily kindly note, stop dying your hair prior 3-4 days of your procedure and keep clean your scalp & remove the all dye spot on your scalp, so white and gray hair can easily visible to surgeons.
  • 20. Don’t trim your hair without any prior instruction or suggestion by your surgeons, most of surgeon trim your hair on the day of your procedure in his clinical premises , if they instruct you to trim your hair then kindly trim it till 1 mm which help them to perfect extraction your hair grafts.
  • 21.Prior 2-3 days avoid work pressure or any kindly of stress, take proper 8 hours deep sleep with balance diet.
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