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Experiencing hair loss can really be a problem for most people. It's usually a sad fact which they cannot accept easily. The most important thing to know is that you shouldn't worry so much; that won't help you at all. You must start searching for solutions. You probably already know that there are solutions out there, whether they're surgical or non-surgical. Well, we are talking about hair transplant treatments and the ways in which they differ.

In case you didn't know, the Non Surgical Hair Transplant Cost is usually low. It means that you can opt for three different hair loss solutions when you come to our clinic, Hair Harmony & You. You can opt for the standard hair fall method, which includes getting a detailed hair analysis. After that, you get some prescriptions in the form of sprays, shampoos or multivitamins. Another similar method that can help you deals with hormonal dysfunction. We give you hormones in the form of pills. This hair hormonal treatment has been proven to work even though it is not surgical.

Last but not least, you can choose the more modern hair laser treatment, which is also non-surgical. It does work, it has been tested and it is completely pain free.

What about the Best Hair Transplant In India? Well, our clinic can provide that too. We know that hair transplantation is the most effective hair loss solution out there. There are different forms of hair transplantation that we perform at our clinic. These methods are more expensive than non-surgical methods because they are more complicated, but they also guarantee better results. Whether you need the Fue Hair Transplant, the Follicular unit transplantation or the follicular unit extraction, our specialists will assist you along the way. Our doctors will make sure to give you a brief overview in order to make these procedures as painless as possible.

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