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What is alopecia areata? It is the condition that mainly targets men and it involves Patchy hair loss. If you see that someone has a patch of hair loss on their scalp, you should know that they are dealing with this condition. Unfortunately, scientists have not been able to figure out the causes of this condition but they assume that they are genetic. What about alopecia totalis? It means that a person has lost every hair on their scalp & eyebrow. There is no solution for this condition but there are solutions which help ease the effects in the long run.

If you are dealing with this issue, you can visit our clinic, Hair Harmony & You, and we will help you. In this case, you are a perfect candidate for scalp micro pigmentation. What does that mean? Well, imagine that you have no hair on your scalp and you then get a tattoo which resembles short hair. It will look like you have cut your hair to the minimum. It is a permanent procedure and people like it because it's the next best thing to having hair. Unfortunately, these candidates are not able to undergo hair transplantation surgery and that's why they must opt for this solution.

As this is a non-surgical procedure, it can be beneficial for anyone who suffers from severe hair loss or people who have scars on their scalp that they want to cover. So if you have alopecia totalis or alopecia UNIVERSALIS, you can opt for this method and you will be more than satisfied with the results. Our clinic has the best professionals who know what they are doing and you will like their methodology. You will not feel any pain since the method is performed with the help of anesthetics. You will be happy with the final results, we can promise you that.

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