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Have you considered dealing with your hair loss issue? While some people attempt to deal with this issue, others simply neglect it because dealing with it may be too painful for them. It is true that some hair solutions do not work and some that do work might cause serious side effects. That is the case with most hair transplantation methods. They are painful and some people do not want to opt for them because they are afraid of the consequences. That is completely understandable and that is why our clinic, Hair Harmony & You, has some of the best Advanced hair transplant treatments.

These hair transplant treatments are fairly new, they work, and they do not involve any pain. That's definitely good news for those that might want to deal with their hair loss in a painless way. One of the techniques which we offer is the laser assisted neo graft technique. It is a solution for those who want to get their hair back without having to undergo painful surgeries. Even though this laser method involves drilling and coagulating blood vessels, there is still no bleeding involved.

Another great method is the scalp and hair protein treatment. It basically involves protein rich plasma or platelet rich protein being injected into the scalp. While people do tend to use this method by putting these nourishments onto their scalp, it usually does not work because most of the nourishments are washed off. With this method, your scalp will get the proper nourishments since we will inject them into your scalp, without you having to experience any pain.

There are 11 advanced hair transplantation methods at our clinic; when you visit us, our experts will determine what the best method for you is, so that you can enjoy a scalp full of hair without having to feel any pain during or after the process.

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