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Top Hair Transplant Clinic in Bhubaneshwar Odisha

Hair loss is a common problem for both men and women. On an average it is normal to lose 80-100 hairs every day. Losing more than average hairs can lead to hair loss problems. Aging, stress, male pattern baldness, lack of protein and heredity are some of the main factors responsible for hair loss.


It is advisable to seek medical help if you are losing hair - in an unusual pattern, rapidly, early age, male/female pattern baldness. As it has an emotional impact, it is best to find treatment at the earliest. There are number of treatment for hair loss just as there are number of causes.

We have hair transplantation clinics all around the world. But travelling outside India just for a hair treatment is totally not acceptable, when you can do it in India at a reasonable price.

Bhubaneshwar is one such location where you can get your best and satisfied hair transplantation done. The most preferred cost efficient clinic is HHY, located in Ekamra Kanan, Nayapalli, Bhubaneshwar which is a leading hair restoration clinic. It was the first to introduce safe automated FUE Hair Transplantation. The entire procedure is done under well trained qualified doctors and staff. As modern techniques were introduced here first, it is believed to be the best place for hair transplantation and restoration treatment in India.

Hair transplant in Bhubaneshwar is a very safe and less painful treatment with no side effects. Cost of the treatment is determined by the technique used and the number of hair required.

Many people including actors all over India come to Bhubaneshwar for a better satisfactory hair treatment process. Hair transplant surgery done here guarantees to stays for lifetime. Here you can be assured of one thing for sure, 'the cost is less and the result is best'.

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