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A lot of people, especially men, want to put a stop to their hair loss in order to preserve their well being. With so many products out there, it is difficult to know which one actually works. For now, the only proven procedure for getting your hair back and keeping it that way is follicular unit transplantation, the best hair transplantation procedure. This procedure is actually an advanced method of hair transplantation surgery because it provides much better results than the old method.

In case you want to know which clinic to visit in order to get the best dhi hair transplant india can offer, be sure to visit our clinic, Hair Harmony & You. The procedure will actually achieve a few goals by using the follicular units, including improving the hair follicular visibility and providing a natural look to it. This means that after the transplant, the hair will grow and have an amazingly natural look.

In order to know what kind of surgical procedure is most appropriate, a client would need to visit our clinic and let us see what their hair density is and which area of the scalp lacks hair the most. Even though some of these procedures have a negative effect on the scalp, our experienced surgeons will do what they can to minimize any negative effects on the scalp during the surgery.

The whole dhi hair transplant Mumbai procedure is actually pretty fast and the client is able to go on with their life soon after the surgery. Unlike the FUT method, this surgery does not leave a linear donor scar, does not cause a lot of bleeding and involves no sutures. The patient is able to recover much quicker and the follicular hair transplant cost is lower. Having a good team of professionals is our motto, so that we can ensure a successful outcome of the surgery.

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