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Most people who talk about hair loss almost never mention the issue of eyebrow hair loss. Does this actually happen and what is the name of this condition? Yes, it can happen more than people would like to think and the name of the condition is Madarosis. The cause of this issue usually has to do with various diseases and medications. While it is not so important to dwell on the causation, it is very important to dwell on the solution to this problem. The good news is that there is a modern solution to this issue and it is called Eye brow implantation. This essentially means that you are able to get new natural hair on your eyebrows just as you would get hair on your scalp.

Who can perform such a successful transplantation in India? According to many happy customers, our clinic, Hair Harmony & You, does a perfect job. We basically extract donor hair from any part of your body and we transplant it to the eyebrow area. It's a completely painless procedure that is performed by certified doctors. It's a very successful method that many people opt for and you should definitely try it. This is done as a typical transplantation procedure, which means that anesthetics are used. When you opt for various artificial cover up methods, you don't usually get a good result. Our method tackles the root of the problem, which is low blood supply in the eyebrow area.

Thanks to our method, many people have beautiful eyebrows now. Since these bisected hair follicular units are implanted into the eyebrow region, everything looks natural and beautiful. It doesn't matter what type of hair you really have since our experts will be able to give you a long lasting result. In the end, your eyebrows will look perfect and they will continue to grow in a healthy manner.

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