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Do's and Don't Post Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is a surgical methodology used to treat male pattern baldness (alopecia). In short, the small fixes of scalp which have great hair development are evacuated and embedded in the uncovered spots. It is considered as one of the best solutions for hair loss. It gives 100% result with complete satisfaction. Prior to the surgery, it is important to discuss the results with a well-known and experienced surgeon.

Once you get your hair transplantation surgery is done there are certain things which you need to follow post hair transplant for healing and desired look.

Go home and rest immediately after surgery. Follow the set of instructions given by the surgeon without fail.

After surgery, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory tablets can be taken. It is also very important to take the prescribed medicines till the end of the treatment.

Don't comb your hair or use any hair colouring products, hair sprays, hair gels,etc. Do not use hair dryers or any hair styling machine for at least two weeks. Also avoid sun exposure as the scalp is swollen red.

It is imperative to clean your hair generally as your specialist prescribes after hair transplant surgery. You will be given a unique shampoo to utilize and particular directions on how and when to utilize it. Make sure that you don't trouble the hair transplant site by scratching or rubbing it. Always keep the area around your scalp clean.

It is advisable to meditate every day to be stress free and it is also very important to sleep for 7-8 hours daily.

Avoid wearing helmets and caps for few days as it might do further damage to the scalp treated.

Diet is an important factor of health. You are what you eat. Lack of proteins, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids may cause improper hair growth and it can lead to further hair loss. To avoid this, a balanced diet is all you need.

Do not consume alcohol, carbonated drinks or aspirin-containing products for a week following surgery.

Refrain from doing any kind of physical activities for 10-15 days as it increases blood pressure. Sweating also builds the risk of infection. You ought to additionally abstain from going to steams and saunas for the same reason.

One has to wait patiently nearly takes six months to get the final result for hair transplant. Proper care should be taken post hair transplantation surgery for better healing and to prevent infection.

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